Hello Goodbye

The Beatles

Another revelation from Ronnie which is explained in this tune. It was played while Howard was talking to him in the studio.

The Love Boat Theme

Jack Jones

Ronnie put a new radio in Howard’s car which seemed to have a lot of difficulty turning off. It was revealed that it is actually a marine radio enclosed in rubber padding. That started an avalanche of jokes about his car becoming a boat. This parody was played the next day.

Johnny Carson Theme (It’s Really Love)

Toot Sweet, Doc Severinsen

Since Ronnie got the acting bug he acquired a few rolls in various movies. Howard and the staff said he was becoming a star and should have a theme. This was played after that discussion.

Half Breed


One day when Ronnie was giving out his “tips” he used the word (ass chreeks) by mistake. Of course Howard and the staff ran with it and this was the first parody to be played.



Another (Ass Chreeks) song.

Shape of You

Ed Sheeran

Howard was amused that Ronnie admitted to sleeping naked. The next day there was further discussion about it and this parody was played.

Turn The Page

Bob Seger

Ronnie got engaged on the air which was a big surprise to his girlfriend. It was done spontaneously due to the coaxing of Howard and the staff. It became a bit awkward and Howard ended up doing the actual proposal for Ronnie.

This Diamond Ring

Gary Lewis & The Playboys

Another one for Ronnie’s engagement.

Fat Bottom Girls


Another one for the Flat Ronnie craze.

Hot Blooded


A version of Ronnie was created to model a Flat Stanley. Howard thought it would be funny for a life sized poster to be displayed at public events and played this while discussing it.

Shut Up & Dance

Walk The Moon

A story about the 2015 hypnotism of Ronnie where he talks about climaxing and a dog from his past called Sporty.

Hold On, I'm comin'

Sam & Dave

Another parody for Ronnie’s 2015 hypnotism.

When I'm 64


Done for Ronnie’s 65th Birthday.

Tears In Heaven

Eric Clapton

Howard said whenever Ronnie flies on a plane he has empty thoughts. Ronnie said he feels much closer to heaven and thinks about his dog that died.

Big Shot

Billy Joel

Ronnie told a story of being a teenager and how he encountered an older lady that performed acts on him without teeth. Actualy, she completely took them out so of course songs had to be written.

Janie's Got A Gun


Another (gum) parody.

Eyes Without A Face

Billy Idol

When Ronnie was performing at a hotel they put up a giant billboard with his face on it.

Host Is An Ass (Ronnie Poem)

Psych original

Ronnie read a poem of his which stated “some say the host is an ass.” This is the entire poem as an original song using an impression of The Bee Gees.

Sunday Bloody Sunday


The fans always like to work up Ronnie by saying he’s gay and they always love starting trouble.

She's Got A Way

Low Rider


This is about how Ronnie likes girls much younger than himself.


Gorton's Fisherman commercial

Commercial TV Theme

One day the staff was talking about how Ronnie looks like the Gorton’s Fisherman from an old TV commercial.

Bat Man

TV Theme

A parody for when Ronnie shaved his face to look like Bat Man.

Bat Man #2

TV Theme

A parody for when Ronnie shaved his face to look like Bat Man.

Won't Get Fooled Again

The Who

When Ronnie was getting pranked on Twitter the staff was teasing him saying “he might get fooled again.”


Elton John

Parody of Levon by Elton John for one of Ronnie’s tattoos.



Parody of Believe by Cher for one of Ronnie’s tattoos.

Super Freak

Rick James

Parody of Rick James Super Freak.

Sister Christian

Night Ranger

There was once a big discussion about Ronnie using protection. When he said he wasn’t a fan of it he explained that his girlfriend Stephanie used something
called a Nuvaring. That week the word “nuvaring” kept being used during Ronnie’s appearances and this parody came out of it.

This Diamond Ring

Gary Lewis & The Playboys

Another Nuvaring song.


Foo Fighters

This was done to Hero for the (0) that Ronnie got on the (ugly Meter App) and was extremely angry about for weeks.

Tom's Diner

Suzanne Vega

Going back to the 80’s for a Suzanne Vega song that sounds great with “DUDE.”

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Creedence Clearwater Revival

What better band for Ronnie to scream “yeeeeeeeeeeah” over than Creedence Clearwater Revival?

Up Around The Bend

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Another Creedence song requested by a fan for that crazy “yeah.”

De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da


De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da or Dude Dude Dude Dude for this Police parody.

I'm Your Boogieman

KC & The Sunshine Band

A song for when Ronnie was accused of indulging in more than his share of cookies.

Rocket Man

Elton John

Another cookie song using Elton John’s Rocket Man complete with sound bytes from the shows cast.