Surfer Girl

The Beach Boys

This was played right before Robin’s news. She asked, “who was that because I enjoyed it.” Howard said it was Psych and she said “I knew that because of the production.


Limp Bizkit

Howard was talking about this song and the Robin version was played soon after. It was the intro to her news and briefly discussed before she started.

Incense and Peppermints

Strawberry Alarm Clock

This was played before Robin’s news with Howard commenting on her voice in the song. He was also proud about remembering the name of the original band.

What Do All The People Know


Gary won a game called (Stump The Booey) by correctly naming the title of this song. It was played before Robin’s news and Howard repeated some of the lyrics back to Robin.

I Think I Love You

The Partridge Family

This was played after the passing of David Cassidy. Howard commented on the words and came up with various different fake names for the song artist.


I’m Walkin’

Fats Domino

Played for Robin after the passing of Fats Domino.

The Right Stuff

New Kids On The Block

This was played right before Robin’s news. Howard said, “WOW, how great is that.”

Almost Paradise

Mike Reno & Ann Wilson

Howard talked about singing this song and not being able to get it out of his head after watching Bachelor in Paradise. It was played on the next show before Robin’s news

with Robin saying “I liked that one.”

Reelin' in The Years

Steely Dan

A tribute to Steely Dan played for Robin after the 2017 Death of founding member Walter Becker.


Steely Dan

Another Steely Dan tribute that was played for Robin.


Collective Soul

When Howard was on vacation this was the song he repeatedly played. He said he listened to it so much that he couldn’t get it out of his head. This parody was heard upon the return of the show for Robin’s news. Jimmy Kimmel was a guest and after the song was played they had a discussion about Robin’s parodies.

In The End

Linkin Park

Done for Robin’s news for the 2017 passing of lead singer (Chester Bennington) from Linkin Park RIP

Shut Up and Dance

Walk The Moon

Howard was silent during this and Robin said “I know you’re listening to the words.” He said he was curious about the lyrics and thinking of rhymes.

Dream Weaver

Gary Wright

After this was played Howard and Robin discussed the song title. Robin said “you and Psych! should collaborate.”

Cake By The Ocean


Howard commented on the great production and Robin said “Of course I knew that was Psych.”

I Don't Wanna Live Forever- (Fifty Shades Darker)

Zayn Malik & Taylor Swift

Howard was singing this song when he was reviewing the top 5. When this parody was played he said to Robin “I like when you talk at the end of songs” referring to her sound clips at the end.

Karn Evil 9


Sent in after the December 2016 passing of Greg Lake and not played until March of 2017.

Johnny B. Goode

Chuck Berry

Played for Robin after the 2017 passing of Chuck Berry. RIP Chuck

Love is All Around (Mary Tyler Moore Theme)

Sunny Curtis

Played for Robin after the 2017 death of Mary Tyler Moore.

The Candy Man

Sammy Davis Jr.

Recorded to honor Gene Wilder’s passing in 2016. Howard said it reminded him of the late Sammy and robin talked about the impression.

Le Freak


Howard said “i particularly like this one” to which Robin replied “You like most of them.” She then said “this song was interesting.”


The Police

This was played before Robin’s news on the day of Sting’s 2016 live appearance.

Man Eater

Daryl Hall & John Oates

Since there’s no Trump category this is being put here for now since it was played during Robin’s news. After a lot of talk about Trump and his “grabbing” the parody was heard with Howard mentioning, “Psych is getting political.” This version does not have Trump talking throughout the song due to infringement policies.


PSY ft. Snoop Dogg

After PSY’s second song (Hangover) was released Howard played it several times before saying he didn’t understand it. This was played and Howard didn’t remember the song at all.

Cheap Thrills

Sia ft. Sean Paul

Howard asked Robin if she liked the song and she said she was engrossed with trying to figure out the lyrics.


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Robin proclaimed to Howard that she had very little body hair. They discussed her being hairless and the songs came pouring in the next day.


Billy Joel

Another “hairless” Robin parody.

Marrakesh Express

Crosby Stills Nash

Written when Robin was battling cancer, this talks about her chemo treatments. It was played almost 2 years later which confused Howard and he couldn’t figure out the premise of the parody.

King Tut

Steve Martin

The intro to Robin’s news after Steve’s 2016 appearance.

Garry Shandling Theme

Bill Lynch

After the death of Garry Shandling Howard talked about and played the original theme song. This parody was played the next day before Robin’s news. Howard said “that was great, was that Psych?” and Robin said “I thought it was very cute.”



Howard said he really likes this band and played Thermometer several times during different shows. Kopps were invited to do a special show for SiriusXM and this song was played while he was talking about the band’s upcoming appearance.

Sing A Song

Earth Wind & Fire

Played before Robin’s news because of the death of Maurice White, the founding member of EWF. Robin said it was Psych before the song was done.

Baby I Love Your Ways

Peter Frampton

After Peter’s 2016 interview this was played the same day before Robin started the news.

We're Not Gonna Take It

Twisted Sister

Played before Robin’s news with Howard asking the question “do you like all of these songs written about you.” She came back with a large resounding NO!

Super Bon Bon

Soul Coughing

Howard exclaimed “I think this is the best Robin song ever.”



These lyrics were written by another great parody contributor “Stripez.” It was sent in a while back and recently found its way to the intro of Robin’s news.

Love Yourself

Justin Bieber

This was done after Howard and Robin were discussing Justin’s career.

If You Want My Love

Cheap Trick

This is Howard’s favorite Cheap Trick song so it was played for Robin.


Stone Temple Pilots

Played for Robin after the loss of Scott Weiland of STP fame.



Howard played this early in the morning before the 2015 Don Henley interview for some Robin inspiration.

Rikki Don't Lose That Number

Steely Dan

Played for Robin while talking about a cucumber.

Mama I'm Coming Home

Ozzy Ozbourne

Howard was discussing his song playlist at home and said he listened to this song 10 times in a row. When he played this version for Robin they both commented on the vocals and production and he said “That has to be Psych.”

Watching The Detectives

Elvis Costello

This was played while Howard was talking to Robin about all of her idiosyncrasies.

What Do You Mean

Justin Bieber

Howard played several versions of this Bieber song so a Robin version had to be next.

Can't Feel My Face

The Weeknd

Done after Howard talked about this song and tried to figure out who the artist was.



Played during the show while Howard was going through a list of crazy Robin stories.

Bad Company

Bad Company

Another song played for Robin’s Cryotheropy.

Jump Around

House of Pain

Recorded for St. Patrick’s Day 2015 because of House of Pain’s Irish American heritage.

Figure It Out

Royal Blood

After Royal blood was on Howard live they also did a special for Sirius XM. Howard talked about how good the special was and played this for Robin.

Without You

Harry Nilsson

After a discussion with Robin about living without her boobs this was played with Howard commenting about how could anybody live without them.