Candle in The Wind

Elton John

Jeff is considering amputating his “dead arm” which has caused him pain for many years. The staff is thinking of ways to utilize it as in bronzing, a back scratcher, microphone stand, office ornament etc. There’s even talk about Jason Kaplan (senior producer ) eating a part of it if it were deemed not to be toxic and cooked properly.


Presidents of The USA

Jeff had a cancer scare when he discovered a small lump on his neck. It quickly went away but songs about the lump came in the next day and this was the first one played.

When I'm 64


A parody for when (Jeff The Drunk) became Jeff The Bore.

Born To Be Alive

Patrick Hernandez

Knocking On Heaven's Door

Bob Dylan

A Parody for when (Jeff The drunk) was changed to Jeff The bore.

Rag Doll


When Eric the actor declined a chance to receive an actual sized doll the offer went to Jeff and he quickly accepted.