Another Brick in The Wall

Pink Floyd

Howard inducted Bon Jovi in to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The venue was in Cleveland Ohio and since Howard hates to travel he declared he would never do it again and he would rather stay home and stare at the wall. This was played during the show following his trip.

Happy Christmas

John Lennon

December of 2015 is slated to be the possible retirement of Howard. Since nobody knows if a new contract will be signed he played this with only 2 more shows to go.

Thank You For Being A Friend

Andrew Gold

Baba Booey blocked Howard on his Facebook page thinking it would be better for Howard not to read all of his posts. When Howard found out the parodies came pouring in.

I Wanna Rock

Twisted Sister

Another song for the Booey Block.

Why Can't We Be Friends


Another song for the Booey Block.

Man in The Mirror

Michael Jackson

This was played after Howard talked about how he looks like a monster in the mirror.

Bad Moon Rising

Creedence Clearwater Revival

A doctor visit revealed that Howard’s mercury levels were high and he was told not to eat as much fish. After a long rant about what to eat this was played during the following show.

My Cherie Amour

Stevie Wonder

Howard was upset because the LA hotel he usually stays in was having trouble due to Sharia Law. As a legal system, the Sharia law covers a very wide range of topics. While other legal codes deal primarily with public behavior, Sharia law covers public
behavior, private behavior and private beliefs. This was played after an on air rant and had to do with not allowing homosexuals to stay at the hotel.

If This Is It

Huey Lewis & The News

Howard went for a colonoscopy and this was played when he returned to the air after his procedure.

Tax Man


This was done after Howard talked about his “shaft hair.”

Southern Man

Neil Young

First play of the morning for Howard’s 61st Birthday, 01/12/2015.

Go Your Own Way

Fleetwood Mac

When there was a clean up in the studio a chemical was sprayed that made it hard to breathe. Howard flipped out about it and played this the following

Thank You

Sly & The Family Stone

When Howard was struggling with what to do for the 2015 AGT season a caller suggested a song should be written. This was done when he announced he would be a judge once again.


John Fogerty

Howard thought it would be a great idea to pass gas into the microphone on the air. While not quite the explosion he hoped for, it still made for two funny
songs. Fred said they were “the perfect fit.”

Let's Go

The Cars

Another Howard flatulence song using The Cars, Let’s go.


Pharrell Williams

Fred Norris wrote the lyrics to this parody. Howard talked about how he has a beautiful wife, great job, money, TV show and with all of that he’s not happy.

Smoking In The boys Room

Brownsville Station

A funny story was told about Howard not being able to “do his bathroom duties” in a doctor’s office. He panicked over anyone who could be listening and
even had to avoid people on the way out.

On My Way Home


When some of the crew was using the bathroom for reasons Howard wasn’t happy with, instructions went out for them to do their business at home.

Power To The People

John Lennon

A quick one done for when Howard’s parents had no power. He was ranting about how difficult it was and hoping they’d get it back as quick as possible.

Get Back


The (Man on the Street) polled people on Howard’s feet. The majority said his feet were big and some even commented on having Jewish toes.

Black Bird


After Howard thought he could get bed bugs from various sources, this song was done to spark some more unwanted paranoia.

Goodnight Saigon

Billy Joel

This was recorded when most of the staff on the show stayed home during hurricane Sandy. You’ll hear references to fish feeding, trampolines, wives and
children and cutting down trees.

Wonderful Christmas Time

Paul McCartney

This was the last Psych! tune of 2010. It was played during the show and tells the story of how Paul Mccartney didn’t sign an autograph for Howard’s daughter.


Pink Floyd

When Howard thought he was getting the flu he kept hearing his mother’s voice in his head. He was convinced he would give himself the flu just by thinking about it so this was done for Howard’s phobia about germs and catching the flu.