Man on The Moon


This was done for the 1 year anniversary of Eric’s passing. It also accompanied a video for the Howard Stern web site.

Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus

Played after the Tragic loss of Eric The Actor. Written for the untimely death of Eric in commemoration of this fitting giant.

Without You

Harry Nilsson

Another song for the tragic loss of Eric.

The Lollipop Guild

Wizard Of Oz

A prank call was made to Eric asking him to sing the lyrics to The Lollipop Guild. This was taken from that call and put to the original Wizard Of Oz


Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic


There was a time that every TV show Eric would appear on got canceled. He always became upset when this was mentioned and it’s no surprise many callers had fun bringing this up.


Michael Jackson

Something that came up quite a bit when Eric called was his fighting on Twitter. Thriller seemed to be a good candidate for those times when these discussions
took place.

Mexican Hat Dance (Jarabe Tapatío)

Jesús González Rubio

Parody of the Mexican Hat Dance.

Chicken Dance

Werner Thomas

Parody of The Chicken Dance.

Judy in Disguise

John Fred & His Playboys

Parody for Derek of John Fred & His Playboys, Judy in Disguise

Brillian Disguise

Bruce Springsteen

Parody for Derek of Bruce Springsteen, Brilliant Disguise.

Devil in Disguise

Elvis Presley

Parody for Derek of Elvis Presley, Devil in Disguise.

The Thing With Two Heads

Movie Trailer

Howard spent a lot of time discussing the Movie The Man With 2 Heads. This would be what it would sound like if it was starring Eric.


TV theme

Parody of the Popeye TV theme.