The Police

Howard tried to get Benjy out of the studio 3 times before playing this song.


Phil Collins

Played to get Benjy out of the studio.

Get up Stand up

Bob Marley

Played to get Benjy out of the studio.

Eyes Without A Face

Billy Idol

Howard and the staff always make fun of Benjy’s blotchy skin, flakes and big eyes. This was played while Benjy was in the studio getting yelled at once again.

She’s Gone

Hall & Oates

Benjy used to sit in the studio before being banned for lateness. The studio was renovated and the seat he used to have was permanently taken away. this was played during the unveiling of the studio renovation.

Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

Sly & The Family stone

The next 3 songs all have to do with a Benjy studio appearance. Since he has been late to work so many times he hasn’t been allowed to remain in the studio with Howard live. He was designated to be a writer in a separate room. When he was called in to discuss things he gave a resounding FU to Howard out of anger. All was forgiven and of course these songs deal with those anger issues.

Thank You

Alanis Morissette

Parody of Alanis Morissette’s Thank You.

Thank You


Parody of Dido’s Thank You.

Le Freak


Benjy occasionally makes a studio appearance and Howard tries to make him leave. They play various different sounds and songs to get him out. This was one of them.

Jamie's Cryin'

Van Halen

Benjy revealed that he would go home and cry alone in his apartment. Howard started taunting him and this song was played.

Hang on Sloopy


Benjy achieved a significant weight loss and Howard made fun of his loose skin. He played both of these in a row the next day.


Kenny Loggins

Benjy achieved a significant weight loss and Howard made fun of his loose skin.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Neil Sedaka

Benjy and Elisa were having difficulties in their relationship. Benjy was steadfast on the idea of getting married and Elisa was leaning towards a break up.

Love Me Do


Benjy wanted to interview Howard and he was granted an hour to do a full interview. This was played that morning.

Bohemian Rhapsody


Benjy had a bet that he could lose weight by a certain date. Since that wasn’t achieved Perez Hilton was called in to perform an unwanted act on Benjy. The lyrics in the song say it all.

Penny Lane


When Howard was holding auditions for his band Benjy played the Shofar. Fred thought it would be funny to hear Penny Lane. This is the trumpet solo in
Penny Lane with his Shofar sampled. Every note of this solo is actually him playing different notes to a different song and doctored up to fit Penny Lane.

The Reflex

Duran Duran

Played for those times when Benjy takes you into the vortex.

I'm Alright

Kenny Loggins

Parody of Kenny Loggins, I’m Alright.

Man Eater

Hall & Oates

Parody of Hall & Oates, Man Eater.

Low Rider


Parody of War, Low Rider.

Janie's Got A Gun



rody of Aerosmith, Janie’s Got A Gun.

Welcome To The Machine

Pink Floyd

A Parody for when Benjy said he could make sounds like different types of machines.