Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Justin Bieber

Gary’s name has had many pronunciations throughout the years. One of his early tormentors was Sal who graciously asked for a team up on this one. Sal is singing the lead and changed the last name of Dell’Abate to Dell’Abito.


Justin Timberlake

Parody of SexyBack

This is How We Do it

Montell Jordan

Parody of This is How We Do it.

All The Small Things

Blink 182

Parody of All The Small Things.

Sweet Child O' Mine

Guns N’ Roses

More throat clearing melodies using G&R.

Tales From The Crypt

Danny Elfman

A booey version of this theme done for Halloween, 2015.

What Do You Mean

Justin Bieber

This song took many different parody forms so a Booey version was done and played.

Psycho Killer

Talking Heads

Psycho Killer complete with Baba Booey’s monkey impression.

Whole Lotta Love

Led Zeppelin

More throat clearing and more Zeppelin. Instead of Whole Lotta Love for this one it’s Whole Lotta Lung.

Good Times Bad Times

Led Zeppelin

Baba Booey’s throat clearing was yet again the topic of a show discussion. When this was played it sparked another conversation between Howard and Gary about whether to take medical action.

Blurred Lines

Robin Thicke

Howard exclaimed “This is my favorite Baba Booey song ever.” We also have to remember he said something similar to that when another Psych! Baba song was
done to Abba’s Take a Chance on Me. He also said there should be a video for this song pointing out all of the many Gary mannerisms that could be utilized.

Uptown Funk

Bruno Mars

Parody of Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk.

She's Leaving Home


Parody of The Beatles, She’s Leaving Home.

Louie Louie


Parody of The Kingsmen, Louie Louie.

Take A Chance On Me


The very first Psych! Booey song. When it was first aired it was played continuosly for 2 weeks whenever Howard and Gary had interaction with each other. Howard said it was his all time favorite and claimed it was better than the original.

Booey & Dad

Baba Booey

This was done as part of a contest to promote Gary’s first book. He also did an audio version and the contest was to edit his phrases to sound like things he never said. From the chapter called The Pitch. (warning) the language is very frank.

Booey & TV

Gary Dell’Abate

From his book They Call Me Baba Booey. Edited together to make it sound like he’s saying something completely different. WARNING, this audio passage contains explicit language.

Don't Go


Parody of Don’t Go by Yazoo.

Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'


Parody of the Journey song, Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’

National Anthem

Francis Scott Key

Parody of the Star-Spangled Banner, U.S. National Anthem.

The Munsters

TV Theme

Parody of The Munsters TV Theme.

Mahna Mahna

Sesame Street

Parody of Mahna Mahna from Sesame Street.

Mork & Mindy

TV Theme

Parody of the Mork & Mindy TV theme.

Sanford & Son

TV Theme

All vocals and no music at all in this one. Everything you hear is a voice or mouth noise.

The Simpsons

TV Theme

A pretty exact vocal version of The Simpsons theme.

Brady Bunch

TV Theme

When Ann B. Davis (Alice) from The Brady Bunch died this Booey version was played in commemoration.

America's Got Talent

TV Theme

A Booey version of the AGT theme.

Odd Couple

TV Theme

A Parody of the Odd Couple TV theme.

David Letterman Theme

TV Theme

Parody of the David Letterman Theme.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Parody of Happy Birthday for Gary’s 53rd Birthday.

Take A Chance On Me (Birthday version)


Parody of Abba, Take a Chance for Gary’s 53rd Birthday.

Bennie & The Jets

Elton John

Parody of Elton John, Bennie And The Jets for Gary’s 53rd Birthday.

George of The Jungle

TV Theme

Parody of George of The Jungle for Gary’s 53rd Birthday.



Parody of The Beatles, Birthday for Gary’s 53rd Birthday.

I Feel Fine


Done after Booey said he had a sore throat but he wasn’t sick. The rest of the morning he was forced to wear a mask and this was played the next day.

Takin' It To The Streets

Doobie Brothers

Parody of The Doobie Brothers, Taking it To The Streets.

Lion Sleeps Tonight


Parody of the Tokens, Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Rock & Roll Part 2

Gary Glitter

Parody of Gary Glitter, rock and Roll Part 2.

Dream Weaver

Gary Wright

Sal requested this for Baba when he fell asleep. There are also many references to other Gary’isms and what he likes to do during the show.

Let Me Clear My Throat

DJ Kool

After many episodes of Gary clearing his throat while talking to Howard, it finally came to a head one morning on the air. A clip was played of Baba clearing his throat and this parody was played the next morning.